Associate of Science in Health Information Technology

Program Description

Health Information Technology is an integral part of health data collection and analysis. Health information is an important communication tool between acute care facilities, extended care facilities, nursing homes, clinics, physicians and other health care providers. Health Information Technology professionals are medical language experts who interpret and process health information for research and data collection. The Health Information Technology Program provides learning experiences that enable the student to acquire and assimilate the necessary technical competencies to function effectively as a supportive health care provider in the health information technology profession. 

Admissions Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years

  • Admissions application

  • Provide documentation of good health (physical examination report or signed affidavit)

  • Local, state, or federal government-issued photo identification

  • Background check (instructions provided)

  • High school diploma (official transcript needed) or GED and completion of Entrance Test with Passing Score

  • Attend scheduled orientation prior to class start

Prior credits

Capscare Academy for Healthcare Education will accept proof of prior partial training received from another institutionn and will upgrade to the required hours necessary for completion.

Classes available for transferable credits into Capscare:

ENC101- English Composition I

PSY101- Psychology I

MAT101- College Algebra

BSC101- Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BSC102- Human Anatomy & Physiology II

SPC101- Fundamentals of Speech

*Must have Official Transcript with a C or better to receive credit.

If student plans to transfer to another institution after Capscare…
The transferability of Capscare Academy for Healthcare Education credits is at the discretion of the accepting institution, and it is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution of the student’s choice.


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