Phlebotomists draw and prepare blood for medical testing, transfusions or donation. Phlebotomists are trained to collect blood via venipuncture, finger pricks, or in the case of infants, heel pricks. Phlebotomists typically work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient care facilities, diagnostic laboratories and blood donation centers.

Scope of Practice:

  • Prepare patients for blood draws

  • Verify patient identities and ensure proper labeling of collection vials

  • Explain blood draw or transfusion process to patients

  • Guide nervous patients through blood draws

  • Conduct blood draws and transfusions

  • Assist patients who experience adverse reactions following a blood draw or transfusion

  • Follow directions of supervising physicians

  • Identify, label and track blood samples

  • Gather, inventory, and maintain blood draw instruments and supplies

Admissions Requirements:

  •  Be at least 18 years old

  •  Be a United States citizen, permanent resident, or resident with a school permit

  • Submit Admissions Application ($25 Nonrefundable), (via Sign Request)

  •  Show proof of high school graduation or GED

  •  Agree to participate in both clinical and theoretical components of the course

  • Provide proof of health clearance (physical exam) from a physician 

  •  Provide proof of the following tests and vaccines

    • TB (or chest x-ray)

    • 10 Panel Drug Screen

    • Hep B (No more than 10 years old)

    • Chicken Pox (No more than 10 years old)

    • MMR (No more than 10 years old)

  •  Complete a background check through Castle Branch, with the directions provided by Capscare.

  •  Interview with the Dean of Nursing

  •  Complete an entrance exam

Program Schedules:

Total Program Length: 14 Weeks

  • Lecture Portion: 12 Weeks, Tuesdays, 9AM-1PM

  • Clinical Portion: 2 Weeks, Monday-Friday, Times: TBD

  • Start Date: To be determined by the Office of the Dean

Program Cost:

$1,100.00 (50% deposit required)

  • Includes: Books

Uniform: Scrubs and closed-toe shoes, (Not included in program cost).

CPT Certification: $150 (Not Required by Capscare Academy but most employers do require for employment.) 

  • Testing by appointment