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Medical Assistant

Courses: Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy and EKG

Program Objectives:

This program is designed to train students to work in a variety of health care settings such as ambulatory clinics, physician offices, and group practices. The student will be taught the technical skills necessary to function as a medical Assistant. The student will accomplish this through classroom instruction with return demonstration.  In addition, the student will have 240 hours of actual clinical practice in Medical Assistant internship.  This course is recommended for anyone desiring employment in the field as a Medical Assistant. 

Upon successful completion students are eligible to take the National Health Career Association Medical Assistant Test.

Scope of Practice:

  • Prepare medical records

  • Maintaining medical records

  • Monitor inventory control and order supplies

  • Adjust and monitor medical equipment, not when in a medical capacity though

  • Manage petty cash

  • Post letters regarding service charges and other payments.

  • Gather resources from patients and the surrounding community

  • Prepare the appointment book

  • Sterilise and label instruments, but not use them.

  • Prepare the examination room.

  • Record body measurements and vitals.

  • Assist with therapeutic procedures

  • Assist during simple medical surgical procedures


Admission Requirements:

  •  Be at least 18 years old

  •  Be a United States citizen, permanent resident, or resident with a school permit

  • Submit Admissions Application ($25 Nonrefundable), (via Sign Request)

  •  Show proof of high school graduation or GED

  •  Agree to participate in both clinical and theoretical components of the course

  • Provide proof of health clearance (physical exam) from a physician 

  •  Provide proof of the following tests and vaccines

    • TB (or chest x-ray)

    • 10 Panel Drug Screen

    • Hep B (No more than 10 years old)

    • Chicken Pox (No more than 10 years old)

    • MMR (No more than 10 years old)

  •  Complete a background check through Castle Branch, with the directions provided by Capscare.

  •  Interview with the Dean of Nursing

  •  Complete an entrance exam

Program Schedule:

Total Program Length: 9 Months

Lectures: Monday-Friday, 9AM-1PM

Clinical Practice: Monday-Friday, Time: TBD

Start Date: Determined by the Office of the Dean.

Clinical time cannot be made up unless it is due to illness and proof submitted to the school. If student must make up time, he/she might have to wait. The school reserves the right to ask for a detailed physical clearance for a student who has been absent due to excessive illness. 

Program Cost:

$5,000 ($1,500 deposit to start)

  • Books included

Uniform: Scrubs and closed toed shoes required (Not included in the Program Cost).

CPT Certification: $150 (Not required by Capscare Academy but most employers do require for employment.) 

  • Test by appointment